Exploring Wales: Castles, Mountains & Country Towns

Samantha C. Lv. 3 follow
Oct 03, 2018 ·  United Kingdom

Wales often gets missed out of people’s UK travel itineraries and British must-see places and as much as I want to keep the stampede of tourists out so we can perserve the beauty of this country, it also frustrates me that travellers and UK visitors don’t think that Wales is worth the visit and that there is ‘nothing to see’ other than sheep and mountains. While it’s true we do have a vast amount of rolling mountains, they are also our selling point! The Brecon Beacons are within one of the most beautiful National Parks in the UK and Wales is home to over 600 medieval castles. This country is reaping with culture and history that is often getting overlooked. Maybe the language scares people off? Well, 95% of people in Wales speak English as either their first or second language and we’re also super friendly!

Wales has so many quirky, unique country towns with stone built cottages, old country pubs and nature walks by canals and reservoirs making it the perfect escape from busy, chaotic city life with plenty of amazing traditional Welsh food! From Cawl (welsh broth), Rarebit (potato dish), welsh cheese, to our famous welsh cakes. You can truly get in touch with nature in Wales with miles and miles of forestland and countryside stretching all across the country.

So if you’re looking for a retreat with nature, peace and culture with a few tourist attractions thrown in, make Wales your next destination.

Suggested places to visit outside of Cardiff:
Merthyr Tydfil