When New York Tickled My Senses For The First Time

Samantha C. Lv. 3 follow
Aug 03, 2018 ·  United States

New York City is somewhat of a magical place to me. It’s the absolute opposite to my hometown in the Welsh Valleys and that’s what makes it all the more amazing for me! I dragged myself through airport maximum security and into the big apple. You know when you arrive into New York when the bus gets swallowed up by the massive skyscrapers around you and you hear the horns ringing out from the infamous yellow taxis as we take our place on the busy Manhattan roads. The weather is extraordinary in New York. Throughout our stay, we were hot under the sun but the air was so dry, it was strangely refreshing and it hit us beautifully in the face as we got off the bus and lugged our luggage towards the subway. Oh the subways. Being in a major city for the first time, tackling the subway system felt like the scariest thing I had ever done in my life. I felt small, lost and totally out of place. But with anything you encounter during your travels, you grab the bull by the horns and you just do it! On my first night, my only priority that night was seeing Times Square in all its glory. I know it’s like the touristiest thing to do in New York but the lights and the atmosphere at Times Square never fails to make me squeeze myself with happiness!! The flashing adverts. The constant stream of people lining the streets, the slow moving yellow taxis tracking the worn out roads, the buzz of music and excited chatter... I was in paradise.