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Get inspired by our members' travel stories from China

  • Avatar
    Jess E. follow
    Nov 05, 2018 ·  China

    The first time I travelled to Shanghai, I was walking down the street, simply wandering around. I walked into a small clothing shop to browse around and came across a great shirt that I immediately loved. I went over to the shop owner and began my fi

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  • Avatar
    Jess E. follow
    Oct 31, 2018 ·  China

    It's always a nice surprise when your aunt calls you up to say she's bringing you to a 5-star resort somewhere in China. So was the case one summer and I was ecstatic!

    I had been living in Shanghai for about a year (and kinda slumming it)

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  • Avatar
    Kevin J. follow
    Jun 18, 2018 ·  China

    Every day around 7PM he's here, maybe it's just a healthy habit to take a walk in the neighborhood after dinner. He looks like he's in his early 70s, a bit hunchback. He always sits down at the same yellow bench by this tree and lights

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  • Avatar
    Antonette C. follow
    May 01, 2018 ·  China

    On my recent trip to China with three friends, we went to this lovely local restaurant with traditional Chinese decoration completely by accident. It was a bit late into the evening so the restaurant wasn't too busy. We sat down at this dark bro

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