My first time travel in China

Jess E. Lv. 3 follow
Dec 01, 2018 ·  China

My first year in China I had made travel plans to go to Kunming for Chinese New Year. I had heard phenomenal things about Yunnan, the natural beauty, and the rich culture. As a rookie in the travel scene here in China at the time, I had no idea what travelling during CNY meant.

Of course, the warnings were many but I persevered and struck to my decision. Roughly a week before my expected trip, I went to book my flights. Only problem? No tickets. Like I said, I was a bit of a rookie.

I finally found a train ticket to the gorgeous city that I snatched up as soon as I saw it. Travel duration? 40 hours. I swallowed my pride and boarded the train with two bottles of wine, a nice book and a fierce drive to have a good time.

Fast forward a whole day, with about 10 hours left in this nightmare adventure I found myself, drunk, hysterical, and almost falling into the train's toilet... it was a great experience.