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"Every cocktail has a time, a place, and a purpose." This is taught by an old friend of mine several years ago when I was still someone who didn’t drink. Over the years, I have made some progress. For example, I am...
Indonesia, by Lena T. 9/0
Many people I know fell in love with Thailand after watching Thai movies or TV series. Their romantic plots, relaxed lifestyle, and beautiful scenery made Thailand a premier destination for vacation or even starting a...
Thailand, by Ken W. 35/2
When you remove your shoes and socks, and walk among the pagodas. sometimes it feels cold, and sometimes it feels hot, in the blink of an eye, you realize how minuscule you are, under this glorious skin, is...
Myanmar, by Jason H. 51/2
Taiwan is a treasure island as well as a pleasure land where you can get so much pleasure from good food. Influence by Fujian and Guangdong cultures, most of Taiwan’s foods have integrated some features of mainland China’s...
Taiwan, by Jenny G. 55/0

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