Walking Hundreds of Miles in Bethel, Maine

Aug 21, 2018 ·  United States

Maine had been on my bucket list for some time. I am not sure why I wanted to see this beautiful area of the country, but I do know that I was looking forward to spotting a few moose during my travels!

When I arrived in Bethel, I was shocked at the size of the town. It is quite tiny, and you can walk the entire Main Street in less than five minutes. Despite the size, I managed to fall in love with this little place of paradise.

Mornings were spent sipping coffee and eating pastries at DiCocoa's Market and Bakery, and afternoons were used for exploring miles of all the nearby hiking trails.

I managed to hike hundreds of miles during the week that I spent in the little town of Bethel, and it is the most magical place in the world. I can't think of anywhere else I have been where I have been able to see one waterfall after another, while learning about local legends and folklore at the same time.

The sights of Step Falls, Mother Walker Falls, Screw Auger Falls, and Moose Cave were breathtaking, although my heart ached when I read the story of how Moose Cave was named.

According to the legend, a moose fell into the forty-five foot gorge one rainy night and got stuck. His cries could be heard for miles and visitors say that they can still hear the moose crying out to this day. I didn't hear him during my visit, but that doesn't mean that others haven't.

My favorite hike, Mount Will Trail, was the last one that I did, and it was the most beautiful day out of the entire week. It took me a while to go the entire three miles of the trail, I was tired of walking at that point, but the views from the top were phenomenal.

Another absolutely stunning trail you must visit in Maine is the Ocean Path Trail in Acadia National Park.

I loved my time exploring Maine, but I never did see any moose when I was there!