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M · 40-49 · from Canada

This Time Round its a Driving/Cycling Tour from Ontario through 16-20 USA states, with main destinations being Yellowstone, San Francisco, Long Beach, Grand Canyon then home Hi, I'm looking for a travel partner and a potential new friend or two, I am just out of a serious relationship and I feel kind of lost with no one to share new experiences with and I don't particularly enjoy traveling alone but I do enjoy traveling and used to have a partner to do it with. The few friends I have are not interested in the same things that I and my prior partner used to be, so therefore I am looking for someone to share some common traveling interests with. I am NOT looking for a relationship so don't let that stop you getting in touch. What I am looking for? well as I'm not looking for a new partner right now then what I am looking for is irrelevant, as long as you enjoy travel and particularly outdoorsy kind of travel things then I'm sure we will get on great. I do find I get on far better and find it much easier to talk to and get on with females but again as I am not looking for a new partner I don't suppose it matters whether its male or female, I think a close age match is important to allow life experiences to be on the same level so therefore between the ages of 36-56 (I'm right around the middle of this range) would suit. What I like? pretty much anything outdoors is perfect for me, if I haven't tried it already then I will if someone convinces me its a good idea lol, I like road cycling, used to be an avid climber (but not so much now as I don't trust my own extremities), boating (power boat or hand powered boat), hiking etc etc will give you some ideas of my interests. The Trip I am going on and would like someone to come with me; driving/cycling (cycling a little at each daily destination) tour starting in Ontario and traveling through 16-20 states of the USA (so you MUST have a passport and a driving license so you can share the driving occasionally) with the important destinations being, Yellowstone National Park, San Francisco, Long Beach California & Grand Canyon National Park then head back to Ontario, I already have the dates planned but could change them to suit someone who wants to come. The trip is planned for anything between 15-21 days dependent on what time you have available but Id rather not rush it. What would you need? I have many 100's of thousands of hotel rewards points so was intending to stay in hotels but that may add too much cost for someone without points so I would consider camping for the trip or camper rental (as I am doing the trip in a pick-up (so I can take my road bike with me) capable of a lot of towing power). Costs can be split accordingly (gas cost for entire trip for instance will be around 1400 CAD so one could pay for gas while the other pays for camp sites or camper rental (if we don't do the whole hotel thing) Other Trips I would like to go on (again to give you some ideas of what my interests are); Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro, Appalachian Trail Walk, Cycling The Cabot Trail to name a few relatively inexpensive trips. For anyone who is interested but may be worried about doing this with a relative stranger then I can happily provide references and face to face meetings with people who have known me for years to ease your mind and any worries you may have on my suitability and genuineness of character. Get in touch if your interested and we can start to see if we can make this work, what have you got to lose if you enjoy travel, but like me don't like to do it alone or worry about the safety of doing it alone, remember this is just a travel partner, maybe that is all you wish for, maybe you are in a long term relationship and your partner does not like to travel, that's all fine with me, as long as we both know where we stand before we travel together I will respect whatever are your wishes and you should also respect mine. Trip is currently planned (plans could still be changed if you have add-ons to the current itinerary) for July but can be changed to later on (not too later on though) if you feel more comfortable getting to know me better first, so DON'T DELAY, take the first step and message me or message this advert to someone who you may think would be interested. Lets discover the excitement and experiences of travel together.

Canada, Peru, Tanzania, United States
Jul 2 — 22

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    Have been to Ninh Binh for more than 3 times, this time I decided to set all the famous tourist attractions aside. Renting a motorbike then find my own way to discover Ninh Binh.
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