One dream or another

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May 05, 2018 ·  Iceland

I can remember the first time I had this idea. One random day at work, an other boring day in front of the computer, telling to customers that “yes it is ok to take a small luggage in the cabin, yes your flight is on time.” Youtube your best friend in those moments right ? Two words : Northern lights. Drone videos, timelapse, ok you got me ! Where can i see that ? Iceland ! Ok don’t tell more, my contract finish soon i need a fresh start, boom one ticket to go to the paradise of nature lovers. I am like that, sometimes when you want something you just make it. First foot on the Icelandic land, first tear as well, white everywhere, desert landscape with mountains by the sea, yes i am here finally ! Day after day i am enjoying this life, whale watching, hot pot, blue lagoon, caving, geyser, waterfall, but no nothern lights nothing ! Quite sad it is nearly the end of winter so nearly the end of those magical beauties so so sad :( But one random night, coming back from a party, going to bed ok nothing big ... just randomly opened the window annnnnd oooooh oh my god what i need to go outside i need to capture this instant i need to see i need to appreciate what i see ! Dancing in the fark sky, green, white, purple, fast as the lightenings, I saw them the last day of winter 15 of april ! Will always remember this date because you always remember big moment in your life ;) Hope you can see one, one night in the sky far far away of your home.