This picture cost me £2

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David L. Lv. 1 follow
May 04, 2018 ·  United Kingdom

I've been to London many times and have had nothing but wonderful experiences. Overall this trip was great except for this one incident. As I was crossing the bridge, a mime and a shrek welcomed me with open arms and a third took my phone and took this photo. I knew they would want money, but against my better judgment, I didn't try to stop them. I got my phone back and thanked them and proceeded to walk away, when they broke character and demanded 20 quid. Of course I said no, and the three of them surrounded me, trapping me with their oversized bellies. Other tourists started filming and taking pictures and laughing as I was being squished by shrek, a mime, and a third bloke. I fished out £2 worth of coins from my pocket, shouted NO MORE and escaped hurriedly. I was fuming for the rest of the night and this picture still makes me angry, but it's a lesson I'll never forget.