Ultimate guide on Taipei's night markets

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Taiwan is a treasure island as well as a pleasure land where you can get so much pleasure from good food. Influence by Fujian and Guangdong cultures, most of Taiwan’s foods have integrated some features of mainland China’s delicious snacks together with its own characteristics, making them really special and unique. If you have a chance to go on a trip to Taiwan, you have to try the street foods there, such as small sausage in large sausage, oyster omelette, Ta-a noodles and braised pork on rice, and so on. However, what is the best place to taste the most authentic Taiwan food? It is in the night markets for sure. Here I've listed the top ten well-known night markets in Taipei for you. Hope you can enjoy yourselves there while learning about the night market culture.

1. Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is the most famous night market in Taipei and perhaps even in the entire Taiwan. It is one of the largest in size. The market can be divided into two sections. One is the Shilin Tourist Market along Jihe Road on the opposite of Jiantan MRT Station; the other is centered around Yang Ming Theater and stretches to Great South Road, Great East Road and Wenlin Road.

In the night market, there are various kinds of traditional snacks which have become landmark food such as small sausage in a large sausage, stone fire pot and so on. Besides delicious snacks, you can also find many special stores here such as fashion stores and souvenir stores and so on. You can find anything here. Moreover, Shilin night market is not far from National Palace Museum, so you can visit National Palace Museum in the afternoon and then have a good meal at Shilin at night.

Sausages, Shilin Night Market

2. Ningxia Night Market

Ningxia night market is the origin of Taipei’s night markets, and it has been featured by various media and TV programs. Ningxia night market covers a total length of about 300 meters from western Mingsheng Road, western Nanjing Road to northern Chongqing Road.

Based on traditional Taiwanese snacks, Ningxia night market is really interesting. You can't miss the delicious food like oyster omelette, chicken rice, braised pork on rice, beef noodles and so on. Also, pedestrians are separated from cars so that visitors can enjoy themselves safely.
You are recommended to go from the Zhongshan MRT Station so that you can enjoy the delicious food and beautiful nighttime scenery from south to north. Then you can go back from the Shuanglian MRT Station. In this way, you can have a complete visit.

Oyster Omelette, Taipei

Ningxia Night Market

3. Shida Night Market

Shida night market, a small but exquisite market, is mostly frequented by students. It is located between Shida Road and Taishun Street. There used to be food vendors on both sides of the street, but one side has been converted and integrated into a park. Since it is close to National Taiwan Normal University, most customers are students. In addition, you can find many exotic cafes and restaurants in the alleys popular among foreign students, which provides a unique multi-cultural atmosphere.

Dessert, Taipei Night Market

4. Gongguan Night Market

Gongguan night market mainly covers the area of National Taiwan University and Showtime Cinemas alongside Roosevelt Road and Tingzhou Road, there are quite many different kinds of shops.

Since it is close to National Taiwan University, it offers a good place for university students to relax and take a break. It covers the area in front of school gate of National Taiwan University, Tingzhou Road, Water Market and Showtime Cinemas, so you may see many young students at night. They come for shopping, movies and delicious street food. You can't miss this night market if you want to look for something really special at low prices.

Squid and bean sprouts, Taipei night market

5. Raohe Street Night Market

Raohe night market is located on Raohe Street, in Songshan District, Taipei, which stretches from the fourth section of Bade Road to Ciyou Temple at the crossing of Fuyuan Street.

The whole length of the night market is about 600 meters. It is the second tourist night market established in Taipei, it is always ranked among the top street food markets. On weekends or holidays, there are a lot of people at the market and products cover a wide range from daily goods, clothes and decorations to electronic gadgets, etc. It is said that there are about 140 licensed vendors offering various kinds of Taiwanese snacks, northern-style noodles and other specialties.

Noodles, Taipei night market

6. Liaoning Street Night Market

Liaoning Street night market is located between Chang'an East Road and Zhong Xing High School. Although this night market is smaller in size and established relatively recently, it also has many different snacks at low prices. For example, you can have local specialties such as homemade tangyuan, Ta-a noodles as well as tempura.

The uniqueness of Liaoning Street is its relative quietness. Many restaurants and cafes here have a bourgeois and artsy ambiance.

pineapple tart, Taipei night market

7. Huaxi Street Night Market

Huaxi Street night market is the first tourist night market in Taiwan and one of the popular tourist spots among visitors from home and abroad. Here you can find different kinds of delicacies.

At the entrance is a traditional archway building with Chinese characteristics. Then alongside the market there are many decorative red lanterns. Shops with over 30-year history are common here, all selling products of high quality with sound reputations.

Huaxi Street is also called Snake Alley, which is famous for food made with snakes. If you have the curiosity and courage, give it a try.

Huaxi Street Night Market, Taipei

8. Tonghua Street Night Market

Tonghua Street night market is also called Lingjiang Street night market, getting its name from its location. It is a cross-shaped night market formed by 39 alleys on Lingjiang Street and Tonghua Street, extending to about one kilometer. A lot of shops here have over ten years of history.

It is close to Taipei 101, currently the tallest building in Taiwan, and it is also beside the section of gold jewellery shops on Tonghua Street and home decor section of Wenchang Street, so it is a very good destination for food after shopping.

tofu skewers, Taipei night market

9. Jingmei Night Market

Jingmei night market is a medium-size market with over 30-year history in Wenshan District, Taipei. It is very popular among students, office workers like to eat here too. It has become a famous night market and has been featured in many articles. Recently, due to more exposures on TV programs and in media coverage, Jingmei night market has become a well-known heaven for delicious street food.

pan fried baos, Taipei night market

10. Taipei Bridge (Yansan) Night Market

Taipei Bridge night market is also known as Yansan night market, for the third section of Yanping North Road. It is one of the most famous night markets in Datong District. It stretches from Minzu West Road in the north to Minquan West Road in the south, at the eastern end of Taipei Bridge. Most shops in this night market have been operating for more than ten years.

In the past, it was only popular among local residents in Datong District, but now more visitors come for it since Bridge MRT Station opened to the public. Every year, Dadaocheng Firework Festival is held by Taipei city government near Taipei Bridge, after which many locals and tourists come and shop at Yansan night market. It is the most crowded day for the night market in a year.

chicken butts, Taipei night market

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