The Proposal that Stings

Nicki M. Lv. 3 follow
May 01, 2018 ·  Thailand

It happened on a holiday in Thailand with my now husband, whom I first met as a travel companion on a previous trip. By day, we did the usual sightseeing and visited temples. Our evenings, we spent with locals in our resort, listening to stories under the beautiful night sky with the endless sounds of the ocean waves.

One lovely evening we decided to stay outdoors on the beach to enjoy the sunset. Music could be heard from the resort and the ambience was just lovely. As the time passed, we found ourselves holding each other so dearly, and it was at this time I realized that the music was part of his plan. At the back of my mind, I knew what was about to happen.

Suddenly I felt a stinging pain, which I succeeded in ignoring, but then I felt it again and again, so much that I could no longer tolerate it. I sprouted from the ground screaming so loud and running in circles, smacking my behind like a madwoman.

He was in hysterics, watching my crazy dance. Some monks who had also come to enjoy the sunset watched and also laughed uncontrollably. I could not hide my tears that by now were rolling down my face like that of an infant.

After a lot of running around holding and scratching my behind, my gentleman finally came to my assistance. He ran after me and those who watched us thought we were enjoying every bit of our love, which was true, but I was in complete agony.

If it wasn't embarrassing enough, I had to take off my pants in order to get the ants out. I tried pulling my short blouse down to cover myself, but it left too much exposed on top. Not wanting to see me embarrass myself further, he finally took off his shirt and covered me.

We returned to our room quickly, with my pants still in hand. He did end up proposing the following day, but it is this event that I remember most and it will always be my engagement story.