How to get to Bangkok’s secret island

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Aug 24, 2018 ·  Thailand

When I initially think of Islands in Thailand, I assumed that the majority of them were situated next to a beach, somewhere south and a little bit of effort to get to. And while it can take a few hours to get to the nearest island from Bangkok, there was one in particular that I could reach in under an hour and this secret island was merely north of the city.

Koh Kret wasn’t naturally formed through time but rather created artificially back in 1722 when a canal was created on the Chao Phraya river to make a shortcut. This in turn created the isolated island that become the future home of the indigenous Mon people who were refugees from neighboring Myanmar.

To get to Koh Kret, take the BTS to Saphin Taksin then head down towards the central pier and board the boat with an orange flagship which should be heading to Nonthanburi. The boat ride takes about an hour but the scenic views are worth it. Once you get off the boat, make your way to a red bus numbered 32 to Pak Kret and tell the conductor you are heading to Koh Kret. The bus should leave you next to the pier from which you can take another boat to get to the island itself.
The island is affluent with a blend of Thai and Mon people culture, offering a diverse range of cuisine and gifts native to the island.

As I passed along the primary footpath (and only footpath), I was impressed with interlocked stalls selling decorated clay pottery, locally grown coffee and also the island’s very own craft beer known as “chit beer” (thankfully didn’t taste like it).

One of the highlights of my trip was watching a traditional Thai dance, both mesmerizing and elegant at the same time.

Not many travelers I met in Bangkok were even remotely aware of Koh Kret and in a way it felt like a blessing since it wasn’t overcrowded and mostly full of locals. So if you are in Bangkok and fancy spending a Sunday afternoon exploring something truly unique then make your way to Koh Kret.