Visiting Pai, Northern Thailand

Oct 23, 2018 ·  Thailand

When I return to Thailand in 2018, I made the small backpacking town of Pai a must see, and I’m so glad I did! Surrounded by beautiful mountains and with a friendly vibe throughout the whole town, I enjoyed my 3 days here.

After renting a motorbike, I began to explore the town of Pai. This tiny town quickly became a highlight of Thailand for me. There were plenty of memorable experiences as I drove around.

Hiking through a bamboo forest to Mae Yen Waterfall, for a start. Wading through almost knee height rivers made the beautiful waterfall even more worthwhile. Pai is home to at least 4 waterfalls in the limits of the town, but of all the ones I visited, Mae Yen Waterfall is by far the best.

This lovely northern town is home to a canyon, and other giant splits in the ground. Pai Canyon is a well known and busy tourist attraction – especially at sunset, breaking with the crowds that gather to watch the pink and purple hues form over the flat valley is well worth it!

Another common attraction in this town is the ‘Land Split’, but it isn’t the giant snaking cracks in the earth that makes this place memorable, it’s the owners that greet you as you arrive. Offering a local drink, a bitter tea made from hibiscus flower is offered and you can tip – only as much as you want. This drink is hard to enjoy at first, but it definitely grows on you and is super refreshing!

All up, Pai is in my book, a must visit Thailand destination, especially if you’re heading to the northern parts of this beautiful country.

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