In search of the perfect Welsh sunset

Jun 04, 2018 ·  United Kingdom

My homeland of Wales is pretty spectacular. It has a rugged coastline and stunning mountain ranges, so there is no shortage of locations to catch a beautiful sunset. I think I found one of the best last month.
A week travelling around North Wales ended with a stay in a spa hotel on the shores of Lake Vyrnwy - a reservoir situated in the heart of the country, surrounded by rolling hills and forests.
Heading there from the coast, some low cloud and fog had formed - was this going to foil my plan? Thankfully not. The skies cleared as we headed inland leaving us with a beautifully clear and sunny spring weekend.
In mid May, in case you are wondering, the sunset occurs at the exact time that you will be having your dinner in a fancy restaurant. Of course it does! Thankfully, given our window location at dinner we could watch the whole thing unfold and (as this was a one-off occasion and location) I managed to sneak out onto the terrace between courses to get some shots as it unfolded. This is not really fancy-dining etiquette, I know, but forgive me this once.
The results were stunning. Breathtaking. The perfect sunset across the lake, turning the sky a burnt orange colour fading to a twilight blue before all the stars appeared.