Enchanted Caves and Well of Sintra

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David L. Lv. 1 follow
May 20, 2018 ·  Portugal

I recently visited Sintra, a town long known for its villas, palaces, and connection to the monarchy. Easily a day trip from Lisbon.

So much history, politics, scandal, just like with every aristocracy. Sintra is to Portugal as Versailles is to France and Hampton Court is to England. I'm a castle fanatic and the Pena National Palace in Sintra meets every expectation, but what I found most fascinating was an interesting little place nearby outside. The entrance, a nondescript ancient wall, and then the descent into a well, 27m deep with the most amazing spiral staircase and mosaic at the bottom. Somehow this branched off into many caves so dark that I could only navigate with the light from my phone. Even some stepping stones to get across an area submersed in water. My description doesn't do it justice. Check out the pictures to see this amazing place.