Finding Myself in a Thai Jungle

Samantha C. Lv. 3 follow
Oct 19, 2018 ·  Thailand

Growing up in the welsh valleys, I’m quite used to hiking, camping and being deep within nature for long periods of time without having technology withdrawals. But the Thai Jungle located in Doi Inthanon in the North of Thailand was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had with nature. Pulling up my hiking socks, I was riddled with excitement as I grabbed a hiking stick made from wood and set off with my new friends towards Doi Inthanon. The day in general, was pretty darn fantastic. Incredible views of the mountains, beautiful sunshine and visits to local tribal villages where we exchanged broken communication with the tribal children and their families.

We reached our home for the night which was the home of a tribal family resembling a big tree house in the middle of the mountains. I felt beyond lucky to be experiencing this raw adventure with nature. Until I was told the shower was outside with no doors or privacy. So I waited until it was pitch black until I had my shower which meant sitting in my BO for hours. But I didn’t mind as I sat with the family and ate their home cooked meal made with love and warmth. I quickly fell asleep ready for the next day.

I woke up to the sound of chickens clucking around me, giving me their gentle wake up call. As I sat on the edge of a mountain eating my breakfast Thai porridge, I ravelled in the sunshine and views that were ahead of me. Having no mobile signal is extremely refreshing and it can give you the power to literally stop the chaos and stress of day to day life and reset your mind and refuel your soul.