Camping Stories - Great Lakes, Sahara Desert, Scotland!

Derek L. Lv. 2 follow
Jul 31, 2018 ·  Morocco

I have my share of camping stories. At a young age, my parents would arrange summer roadtrips just before heading back to school. For me, it was all carefree. I’d hunt for frogs and go canoeing with my friends while the adults did all the work.

In my teens, I went on several camping trips with my friends and had many misadventures. I’ve been bitten by a snake, attacked by an army of raccoons who ate an entire tub of margarine, and gotten lost canoeing in the Great Lakes at dusk trying to find our camp site.

On one trip, a major storm hit and blew our food tent along with all its contents into the lake and knocked over dozens of big trees blocking every road out. Our tents collapsed and the five of us ended up hunkering down in the car under the threat of trees crashing down around us.

My only experience “camping” abroad was in the Moroccan part of the Sahara Desert. We exchanged our 4x4 for camels at the edge of the desert and rode about an hour and half into the sun. The scenery gradually changed from beach-like to massive sand dunes 250m high. It gets cold and dark quickly in the desert and after having the dinner our guide prepared for us, we went straight to bed. The next morning, we rose early to witness the most magnificent sunrise before heading back to the village on our camels.

Over the last few years, we’ve really tried to conquer as many exotic trips on our bucket list as possible before having kids. Now with an 8-month-old in tow, we’re ready to fly again. It’ll be our first overseas trip and Glasgow is our destination.

I’ve always been a nature lover and try to visit a national park whenever I’m travelling. I’ve got to say, Scotland has some of the most amazing parks. Our plan was to visit Loch Lomond and Dumbarton Castle for a day trip, but now I’m convinced the only way to experience this fully is to camp! Apex Forestry has some great tips and information for camping abroad.