Don't miss these 8 delicious late night food Hanoi on your trip!

Emily L. Lv. 4 Aug 10, 2019 4933/1
I'm always starved at midnight and dawn, especially when the weather is getting cold. I’ve made a list with 8 not-bad places in here for us food lovers to treat ourselves! Vietnam is really the place for food lovers!

Snail noodles at Hang Khoai street

One of the few restaurants that open until 5 am. There are some stalls there but make sure to eat at "Co Loc" - 23 Hang Khoai
The stall is small and only have a few sets of plastic tables and chairs on the sidewalk, but in return, the food is varied with many choices from big snails, small snails, beef, tofu, "gio", and so on. The dish is quite spicy. So if you can't eat spicy food, remember to tell the lady beforehand.

Bun oc

Pho Ganh at Hang Chieu street

The stall has existed for nearly 30 years in the center of the Old Quater (Hang Duong - Hang Chieu crossroads) just idyllic without signs but attracted many people. The restaurant opens from 3 am and sells until it runs out of stock (usually at 7 am). They serve all kind of noodle soup with well-cooked, medium-rare and stewed beef.

Fish Noodles at Hang Dau street

This place is well-known by the rich and savory broth. Crispy fried fish is cut into pieces, served with sliced fish balls. You can come and enjoy this dish at 42 Hang Dau street. The restaurant is open from 7:00 am to 2:00 am the next morning

Crab noodles at Hong Phuc lane

Only open until 12 o'clock at night, but the stall at 18 Hong Phuc lane is still the address attracting many food lovers for many years. They do not make many side dishes but only traditional crab noodles with "gio". Many people addicted to this dish thanks to the soft spicy and sour broth. On a windy day, it is best to enjoy a bowl of spicy crab noodles with some hot and crispy crullers.

Pho Nguyet at Phu Doan street

The restaurant serves both dried and traditional noodles with many choices such as chicken wing, thigh, breast and organs. Hanoi people are so familiar with this address as they always lined up outside the restaurant every night.
The chicken here is firm, fragrant, crispy but not too fat and served with sweet broth. The strong taste makes people fall in love at the first bite. Pho Nguyet is located at 5B Phu Doan, open until 1 am every day.

Pho Nguyet

Stewed chicken noodles at Hang Bo street

Who passes by Hang Bo - Luong Van Can street in the evening is probably impressed with this stall as it's always crowded with customers.

The restaurant has now moved to 49 Hang Bo street, opened until 12 pm. The dish is made quite simple, the chicken is cut into pieces, stewed with herbs and mugwort. You can order a bowl of rich pig brain if you dare to try.

Xoi Yen at Nguyen Huu Huan street

Located right at the corner of Nguyen Huu Huan - Hang Mam street, this sticky rice restaurant stands out by the crowds of customers whether day or night. Do not forget to try the signature dish - sticky rice with chicken and mushroom. The restaurant is open from 5 am the morning to 1 am the next morning.

Xoi Yen

Which one is your favorite?

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