Let’s start planning our cultural and natural trip to SE Asia

posted on Dec 22, 2018
Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
2019-11-01 — 2020-01-30

I am planning trip to SE Asia including Indonesia, and Philippines, it will be budget friendly, I will not stay in those fancy hotels, because I guess I can’t afford, dates are not exact, because I will start my trip actually after my ship contract and it is approximately finishing at October, so I guess I will start around November and it will be 4 month travels, I will discover slowly slowly each country at SE Asia and try to live all adventures, if you love nature, if you love taking photos, and biking and camping, and Bla Bla , come with me, be a buddy to me, you won’t regret:) I am totally fun person, and you can’t imagine how flexible I am , I just love living the moment, anyway see you around, as I say my dates are flexible :)