The story of why I no longer drink gin

Dianochka Z. Lv. 4 follow
May 13, 2018 ·  Japan

When I graduated college, I decided to take a year to teach English in Japan. On one of the first few nights, a few of us foreigners went out to explore the city and check out the nightlife. We went to a few restaurants and bars and we all had a great time. I've heard that different types of alcohol makes you feel different, but apparently gin makes me do stupid things. It was a really warm night and as I was walking home, I somehow decided to strip down to my underwear and go for a swim in the river. The locals were all gawking at why there was a foreigner swimming in the river in the heart of the city. I'm just glad I didn't drown or bump into anyone from the school. I also avoid gin now. (Not an actual picture, but it was similar to this.)