China - 1 Month (Late August - September)

posted on May 22, 2019
2019-08-26 — 2019-09-19

The Itinerary:

Beijing (GW, Palaces, Tienanmen, Nightlife) - Henan (Luoyang and Shaolin) - Xian (Huashan and Warriors) - JiuZhaiGou - Chengdu (Pandas, Nightlife) - Kunming (Puer, and Scenic Hikes) - Guilin (Yangshuo) - Shanghai (Nightlife)- Huangshan - Macao ($) - Hong Kong (Shopping, Nightlife)

I am a late twenties male from New Zealand. I am looking for anyone of a ''similar'' age who is already planning to travel through China and wants to meet up along / travel together for some of this journey. I can speak "some" Chinese so will be keen to test this along the journey and...may make logistics easier?

Best be stressless travelers who can handle a few hickups along the way....