My first muslim wedding

Patricia B. Lv. 3 follow
Jul 24, 2018 ·  Turkey

People in Turkey are hospitable, generous and curious about us, bicycle tourers. Many of them try to talk to us, but usually we cover only the basics because of the language barrier. Once we were buying bread in a town the usual crowd surrounded us, only this time one of the locals spoke French. He was happy to talk with me and after a few minutes he already invited us to spend some days with his family.
The Ostaz family was the best host we could wish for. We enjoyed the company of the big family with children and grandchildren, they were super helpful with everything and they even invited us to a wedding the next day. We were very curious to see another culture's customs so of course we said yes.
There was lots of dancing to music by a traditional band and a more modern one with extremely loud speakers. For the Turkish people this still wasn’t loud enough so occasionally they shot pistols in the air. We were served kebap with rice, vegetables and watermelon. While we were eating men and women were seated separately. Drink options were water and tea, no alcohol because of muslim religion. The party goes on like this for 3 days, with more and more guests every day.
We had a great time, the hosts and guests were very welcoming. It was truly special to be a part of such an event, we will never forget this unique experience.