My Favorite Time to Walk The Strip in Las Vegas

JenLyn F. Lv. 2 follow
Aug 16, 2018 ·  United States

I have walked The Strip in Las Vegas dozens of times, including the time when I was still healing from breaking my foot. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than having everyone staring at you because you have a walking boot on and are using crutches. And yet, I have seen many other stranger things on that long street!

Anyway, during my second trip to Las Vegas, I finally discovered the best time to walk along The Strip and you are going to be amazed at this little secret. My schedule is always a little off, because of the time difference and I end up waking up between 4 and 5 in the morning.

If you have never been outside of your hotel room at this hour, you must try it the next time you are in Vegas! Watching the sun rise over the statues and fountains in front of Caesar's Palace is the most breathtaking sight I have ever seen!

My husband and I actually sat out there for quite some time as we watched the soft glow turn brighter until the sun was completely up. Of course, at that point I was starving, so it was time to venture somewhere for a bite to eat. I was torn, because I didn't want to leave the little place of paradise that I had found. After all, there are not many times when the streets in Las Vegas are so quiet and empty! It was such a tranquil and serene setting that I can only seem to find at those early hours of the morning.

However, the Snickers pancakes and freshly squeezed orange juice from Hash House a Go Go were calling my name!

The next time you are in Vegas, stay up late and get up early. Imagine all those crowded sidewalks without a single person on them and no cars on the street. I bet you can't even imagine that scenario, because it is completely different than the Vegas you have come to love.

I'm telling you, you won't regret experiencing the difference on the streets, especially if you stop for a delectable breakfast afterwards!