Cambodia in March

posted on Jan 08, 2019
Cambodia, Thailand
2019-03-12 — 2019-04-12

21M from USA. Looking for anyone interested in traveling together in Cambodia! I don't have an exact date as to when I'll be there but most likely mid March as I will be traveling to Vietnam on Feb 24 before Cambodia and only have a month there due to visa. I'll also be traveling to Thailand as well after Cambodia, don't have an exact date either but I'm thinking mid April and plan to start in Bangkok.

I'm a photographer so I'll be taking plenty of photos for a travel book I'm working on but also plan to mix up a lot of adventure as, rock climbing, scooter trip, etc. Not much of a party type but I'm down for some drinks and a few nights out here and there. Definitely want to try lots of street food as well!

Feel free to get in touch, cheers.