Never Going Hungry in Hungary

Lisa R. Lv. 3 follow
Oct 26, 2018 ·  Hungary

My husband and I just got married in Greece last month, and we took our honeymoon in Vienna, Budapest, London, Moscow and Vancouver. Budapest was one of our favorite cities! We found no shortage of great food, both traditional Hungarian and fusion from other countries in close proximity. We found the Jewish Quarter to have the best food in the city, as well as the best Thai massage we've ever had! Would you ever think that you would find good Thai...well, anything in Budapest? Surprisingly, Thai food restaurants and massage parlours were on nearly every corner in Budapest!

In my blog post, I detail 13 things that will make you fall madly in love with Budapest, as well as a separate article on a foodie's guide to Budapest including some of our favorite and not-so-favorite foods in Hungary. Another fun highlight from our Budapest trip was waking up early to take sunrise photos in our wedding attire (which we lugged around through 6 countries!) at Fisherman's Bastion. I felt like a princess in a castle! Link is below: