Getting across South Africa

Tammi S. Lv. 2 follow
Aug 14, 2018 ·  South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country, with many different landscapes. From open, dry Karoo land to the green, lush Drakensberg mountains. Whether you’re looking for the busy city streets or a quiet beach to laze on, South Africa has something for everyone.

I myself have done it a few ways. My first move across the country was a car trip with my family as a child. We drove from the Western Cape, through the Garden route all the way to a farm in Kwazulu Natal. We did, however, manage to stop overnight at a cute little BnB in Gonubie.

Next, as an adult, I decided to move across the country, from Durban on the East coast to Cape Town on the West coast. I took a bus through and that was an interesting 25 hours. Aside from the cramped leg space, my cell phone battery dying half way and the most unhygienic toilet options along the way, it was a great way to do the trip with views of the country. It is also more affordable than flying, but you won’t arrive at your destination in a rush. You can book tickets easily online

Of all the ways to get across South Africa, though, I’d take flying over anything. Our airports are clean and functional, there are always taxis waiting to get you from the airport to your home or hotel without you needing to call. There are clean and fully operational toilet facilities both on the aeroplanes and at the airports, and a plane ride is only around 2 hours from one side of South Africa to the next. Additionally, you can easily check out the latest sales and specials for flights, and get a great deal without needing to spend your life’s savings on a plane ticket. I've been finding some great prices here