USA Road Trip - March 2020

posted on Feb 20, 2019
United States
2020-03-01 — 2020-06-01

Hi everyone!

My name is Tom. I'm 28 and from the UK.

I'm planning on doing a USA Road trip in 2020. I know it's early, but I need to save, and hopefully find someone to do it with! I plan to fly into New York, hire a camper or RV, and go down to Florida, through Texas, up to Utah, then finish in California.

RV hire is around $6-7k for 90 days and 5000 miles,. This sleeps 4 people, so if I can find enough people I'll do that. If not, I may do one of coast to coast 30 day road trip tour deals (but I'd rather drive with other people!)

Is anyone interested in this? Preferably people 18-30ish, from the UK or USA. So that I can meet you before, or so you know a bit about the USA!